Edit this to let people know what they can find on your site. You can also add pictures… whatever you want. You *may* need a plugin or two to do what you want. Make it appealing.

You can also edit the name of the page so it says something other than “Home,” which looks kinda dopey.

You can also see I added a tagline. I had no idea what to write, so I just put something there. If you can think of something better to reflect what the site is about, change it. You can change it to something about music in games and movies. There is a trick to writing good taglines, so think about it carefully.

Look at the tab now in your browser. I added an icon for you. If you want something else, let me know.

I also created a Posts page. (Figured out how to make posts automatically show up if not on the homepage.)

You can make this something to be really proud of. If you really do love music and want to compose it for video games and movies, this should be a labor of love – and should help you get in Columbia college or someplace else where you can learn more about writing for those media.